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Welcome to Davies Internet, I design and build websites and once they are up and running I help you look after and maintain them. I can build HTML/PHP/Javascript websites, but these days I tend to use WordPress and Wix more and more. Where necessary, I also work closely with a range of local graphic designers. I am based in Llandeilo, rural west Wales.

My aim is to provide affordable and effective internet solutions, tailored to your business requirements, to this end I focus on simple, effective design. This ensures sites are easy to use, set up and maintain. I pride myself on being accessible to you my customers, you will speak to a person, not have automated replies! As I am based in west Wales my overheads are low and I can pass these savings on to you.

Design your website

I work closely with you to ensure your website reflects your business as you would want it portrayed. Design ideas, colours and logos etc are important in the design phase. Costs? To give you a rough estimate, I usually say a simple website is around £500, more complex ones up to £1,000.

Keep up to date

One of the key aspects of a website is to ensure that the content is kept relevant and up to date. Clients generally send me email updates - containing text changes, new images, news items etc. Monthly is usually best, and certainly quarterly. Major changes to the website - new pages, new design etc. can be undertaken at any time. You can also add content yourself!

Social media and emails

Social media is important for businesses in developing relationships with customers. Facebook and twitter can be linked and integrated with your website. I can help you set up such pages and provide advice on how best to manage them. You can also collect email addresses from customers and these can be used to send out targeted email newsletters and again can complement your website.

Contact me

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Davies Internet

Tel: 07971 106627
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